1883 Project orphanage Krakow, PL
Competition: 3rd prize
1884 Project Savings Bank Lviv, UA
Competition: 2nd prize
1889 Residential and commercial building „Hernalserhof“ Vienna, AT
Cooperation: with Rudolph Krieghammer
Status: torn down
1890 Residential building “Golden Cross” Havel's Market, Prague, CZ
1891 Design Savings Bank Prague, CZ
Competition: honorific acknowledgement
1891 Emperor’s Pavillon for the Exibition in Prague Prague, CZ
1892 Project Commodity Exchange Prague, CZ
Cooperation: with Rudolph Krieghammer
Competition: 1st prize
1898 Coffeehouse Corso Prague, CZ
Status: torn down
1898 Tomb Krieghammer The Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery), Vienna, AT
1898 Design Savings Bank Opava, Moravian-Silesian Region , CZ
Competition: 1st prize
1898 Generali Insurance, Prague Prague, Czech Republic
1897 Baroque. A Treasury of Ceiling, Cartouches, Consoles, Fences, Furniture, Vases, Ovens, Ornaments, Interiors etc. Vienna, AT
Publication: publication
1897 Northbohemian Museum Liberec, CZ
Cooperation: Hans Griesbach’s design - adaptation
1900 Wenceslaus monument Wenceslas Square, Prague, CZ
Cooperation: with sculptor Josef Myselbeck
1900 Museum for Art and Crafts Magdeburg, DE
Cooperation: with August Kirstein



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1901 Bridges over Wienfluss (Wien river): Kaiser Franz Josef bridge / Hietzing bridge (destroyed in war and newly built and renamed into J. F. Kennedy bridge), Radetzky bridge, Small Marxer bridge, Schönbrunn bridge, Stuben bridge Vienna, AT
Cooperation: with Josef Hackhofer



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1902 Museum Carnuntinum Bad Deutsch-Altenburg, AT
Cooperation: with August Kirstein



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1902 Hotel Central Prague, CZ
1902 Monument to Empress Elisabeth, Vienna, AT
Cooperation: with Hans Bitterlich



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1903 Control building of Wienfluss Vienna, AT
Cooperation: with Josef Hackhofer
1905 Glasshouse in Burgarten Vienna, AT
1906 Zollamtsteg – pedestrian bridge over Wienfluss Vienna, AT
Cooperation: with Josef Hackhofer



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1907 The architectural decoration of the regulation of Wienfluss published in: "Zeitschrift des österreichischen Ingenieur- und Architektenvereins" (Official Publication of the Austrian Society of Engineers and the Austrian Society of Architects)
1908 The architectural completion of the vaulting of Wienfluss In: “Wiener Bauindustrie Zeitung” vol 25.
1909 Salzburg and Mirabell In: “Der Architekt” 15 vol.1090
1910 House “Three Moors” Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Bohemia, CZ
1912 Project Dianabad swimming pool Vienna, AT
Competition: shortlist
1913 Struggling for the style published in: Deutsche Bauzeitung vol. 47 (sientific journal for architects and civil engineers)
Publication: publication
1913 Mansion Kramar Prague, CZ
Status: since 1998 the residence of the prime minister of the Czech Republic
1913 Altar parish church Aggsbach-Dorf, AT
Buildings: interior design
1913 Exibition Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
1914 The Meran Kurhaus Meran, South Tyrol, IT
1915 War memorial on Leopoldsberg Vienna, AT
Competition: one of the 1st prizes
1918 The design of the outer Burg square in Vienna (today Heldenplatz). published in: Deutsche Bauzeitung. 52 vol. 1918
1919 Design Circulo Equestre Barcelona, ES
Competition: architectural competition
1920 The Archaeological Museum Split Split, HR
Cooperation: with August Kirstein
1924 Design city hall Montevideo, UY
Competition: invited to the architectural competition
1928 Commemoration Exibition Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
1969 Exitbition in Künstlerhaus about Ohmann Künstlerhaus, Vienna, AT
2003 Exibition: "The smooth path to Modernism" Architect Friedrich Ohmann (1858–1927) between Historism and Art Nouveau University of Leipzig, Leipzig, DE