Finally a new publication, exclusively dedicated to works of Friedrich Ohmann, came out!

Fortunately quite a number of Ohmann buildings were saved and even renovated in the recent years. Therefore it was obvious to let the works speak for themselves. Andreas Koch made excellent photographs, the foreword is written by Manfred Wehdorn, an outstanding expert in the area of care and preservation of monuments who was himself a renovator of Ohmann buildings (Wienfluss Gate, Zollamtssteg ? Bridge near customs Office, Vienna). Together with personal data information and list of works they complete this informative brochure. This book is deliberately made trilingual (German, English and Ukrainian). Eventually all the interested people from the world as well as from his native city of Lviv (capital of Western Ukraine/Galicia) should have a possibility to be professionally informed.

Help yourself! You can use our [online order form], buy it in book sale (ISBN 978-3-901983-96-2) or in one of the buildings created by Ohmann (Palmenhaus Vienna, etc.)

Have a good time (re-)discovering this great and important artist.